Denton Reads Contacts

For questions about specific events or aspects of the Denton Reads project, please see the list of committee chairs below.

For questions about the website or blog, please contact:
Denton Reads webmaster
Starr Hoffman
shoffman [at]

Committee Chairs

Contact information for various Denton Reads committee chairs. For more information about committee membership, see the Denton Reads Blog: Committees page.

Executive Committee
Annie Downey, adowney [at]

Julia “Butterfly” Hill Committee
Sara Bracht, sara.bracht [at]

Children’s Festival Committee
Donna Kearley, dkearley [at]

Publicity Committee
Kimberly Wells, kimberly.wells [at]

Fundraising and Sponsorships Committee
Martha Edmundson, martha.edmundson [at]

Graphics Team
Starr Hoffman, shoffman [at]
Chuck Voellinger chuck.voellinger [at]

Community Programs Partnerships Committee
Gayla Byerly, gbyerly [at]

Film Committee
Sue Parks, sueparks [at]

Book Club Contacts

Book Clubs, general
Lilly Ramin
LRamin [at]

TWU Book Clubs
Suzanne Sweeney
ssweeney [at]

DPL Book Clubs

Read Our Blog!

To keep up with news about Denton Reads events and committees, check the Denton Reads blog! Get timely updates, view photos, and leave comments.

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